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Reach thousands of potential customers on major social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

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Whether it’s for creating engagement with your publications, earning a reputation or simply generating e-commerce sales, social media networks are at the heart of every major brands digital strategy.

Thanks to the data that they obtain regarding their users, social networks offer extremely precise and undoubtedly effective targeting possibilities.

By targeting your audience on social networks as well as in search engines, you reach prospective clients throughout their buying journey and multiply chances of converting them.

Our areas of expertise

  • Facebook Ads
    Thanks to its numerous advertising formats, Facebook is the ideal network for growing your online community and creating brand awareness. It is also possible to promote your product catalog on Facebook.
  • Instagram Ads
    Instagram’s advertising platform is an exceptional opportunity to engage your audience and create affinity with your brand.
  • Linkedin Ads
    The professional network par excellence to generate B2B leads.
  • Twitter Ads
    Twitter offers an array of advertising solutions for the promotion of websites, tweets and trends.
  • TikTok Ads 
    TikTok Ads offers a creative stage for engaging a young audience and promoting your brand with short, captivating videos.

The choice of a specific network depends on the objectives of your campaigns. It depends also on your target audience.

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Yann Burkardt

Social Media Expert & Graphic Designer

Lou Bielser

Lou Bielser

Digital Marketing Manager | SEA Specialist

Shahin Nazaraly

Specialist in social media advertising

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100% certified experts

You will work with a multilingual team made up solely of certified Google AdWords, Analytics and Yahoo!Bing Ads managers.

Total involvement

Your manager looks after a limited number of accounts, which allows them to guarantee reactivity, availability and the involvement necessary for the success of your campaigns.

Only the results count

No account is captive. You may consult your data in total transparency and you may withdraw freely from your campaigns at any moment. We think that it’s the only way of maintaining the continued excellence of our work.

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