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Analytics tracking is indispensable for measuring the impact of your marketing actions and continually improving your performances. It’s the foundation of every successful digital strategy.

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Measure, analyze and optimize your performance

Our certified experts will assist you in the installation of a measurement tool, such as Google Analytics or Matomo Analytics, that will allow you, in particular, to:

  • Discover the characteristics of your audience
  • Follow the actions of your website’s users
  • Measure the impact and profitability of your marketing campaigns
  • Optimize your advertising expenditure

Our Web Analytics services

  • Creation of a measurement plan
    We will identify the key performance indicators (KPI) and define a tailor made measurement plan for your business that will allow us to effectively manage your marketing actions.
  • Installation of a Web Analytics solution
    We will look after the installation and advanced configuration of a Web Analytics solution on your site.
  • Analysis of your data and reporting
    We will make an in depth analysis of your data with the objective of improving the impact of your online marketing campaigns.
  • Optimization of the conversion funnel
    By setting up A/B Tests and with an in-depth study of your analytics data, we will pinpoint areas of friction on your site and detail the optimization measures for the conversion funnel, with the aim of making the user experience smoother, leading towards the action you want the user to complete.
  • Analytics Dashboard
    We will also configure tailor-made analytics dashboards so that you have access in real time to the metrics that count most for your company.

Tools and technologies

Website data and user behavior analysis

You want to take advantage of the data collected by your website via Google Analytics but you don’t have the time or the necessary skills? Suisseo does it for you!

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Analytics Dashboard

The dashboard allows you to visualize at a glance the performance of your company and your marketing campaigns.

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Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a tool that allows the management of tags, which has numerous advantages for you.

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Customized Google Analytics 4 (GA4) training

We offer you a customized Google Analytics 4 (GA4) training. This training in the use of Google Analytics is intended for managers, directors or sales people and more broadly for anyone wishing to learn to use Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

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Google Analytics 4 tracking migration – GA4

Do you already have a Google Universal Analytics (UA) account? We will take care of migrating you to the new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) version.

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Call Tracking

Measure the real value of each visitor to your site by implementing call tracking. Start now to make the most of this technology to find out your most profitable sources of traffic.

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A/B Test

Take informed decisions. Determine, based on result figures, the changes that will bring you more conversions.

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Vincent Hsu

Digital Performance Expert

Matteo Maggini

Matteo Maggini

Analytics & Google Tag Manager Consultant

Case study

Amnesty International

Amnesty International: Google Ad Grants Pro account conversions double

Google Ads campaign optimizations, e-commerce Analytics and Tag Manager configuration allowed Amnesty to increase the value of donations and get better visibility of performance.

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