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We have a common goal: your success. That’s why we offer personalized advice taking into account your concerns: financial, strategic and personnal. Thanks to this understanding, we are able to offer you an effective strategy whatever your goals.

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What is your marketing goal?

Generate qualified leads

Online advertising is the ideal means of generating leads and enriching your CRM database with the contact data of your potential clients.

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Increase my e-commerce sales

Generate online sales thanks to advertising formats specifically adapted for online store.

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Reinforce my brand’s reputation

Improve your reputation, image and stay on top of mind with online advertising.

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Increase your visibility in search engines

Two solutions are available to you to develop your presence in search engines, online advertising (SEA) and search engine optimisation (SEO).

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Increase in-store visits

Thanks to online advertising, your company is placed to the fore in search results, on Google Maps and on social networks.

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Collect donations

Online advertising is ideal for collecting donations, recruiting new members, volunteers and bringing attention to the causes you are defending.

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Tools and technologies

Search Engine Advertising

Seize the maximum number of business opportunities by making your business visible in the first results of search engines.

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Display Advertising

Broadcast your ads on millions of websites and reinforce the reputation & image of your brand and stay on top of mind.

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Programmatic Advertising

As a Trading Desk based in Switzerland, we have access to the full programmatic inventory and set up your Real-Time Bidding (RTB) and direct buying campaigns. We guarantee total transparency with respect to media investments.

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Synchronize TV and online ads

Synchronization of your digital campaigns with the broadcasting of your commercial spots or featured shows on television in 15 countries, including Switzerland.

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Video advertising

Ever more interactive, video ads offer all of the advantages to capture your audience, promote your brand and support your sales.

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Mobile advertising

In constant evolution, mobile advertising offers advertisers ever more specific and effective solutions.

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Shopping campaigns and Product Listing Ads

Generate e-commerce sales and promote your online inventory with Product Listing Ads.

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Reach former users of a website or a mobile application thanks to remarketing.

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Dynamic remarketing

Dynamic remarketing allows you to show personalised ads containing products that stimulate your visitors’ interest.

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Social media advertising

Reach thousands of potential customers on major social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

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Google Ad Grants

Google Ad Grants allows non-profit organizations to promote their activities with Google Ads for free.

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Audit and optimization of Ads campaigns

New functions, new ads formats, new technologies. Google Ads never stops evolving.

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Want to take full advantage of your digital campaigns?

We can help you and we will be happy to respond to all of your questions.

Your advantages

100% certified experts

You will work with a multilingual team made up solely of certified Google AdWords, Analytics and Yahoo!Bing Ads managers.

Total involvement

Your manager looks after a limited number of accounts, which allows them to guarantee reactivity, availability and the involvement necessary for the success of your campaigns.

Only the results count

No account is captive. You may consult your data in total transparency and you may withdraw freely from your campaigns at any moment. We think that it’s the only way of maintaining the continued excellence of our work.

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