Synchronize TV and online ads

Make the most of your digital campaigns by synchronizing them with the broadcasting of your commercial spots – as well as those of your competitors – on television.

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Reach your audience during key moments, on every screen

Thanks to our TV monitoring tool, we automatically recognize when your commercials are being broadcast on television channels in 15 countries, including Switzerland.

We are thus able to adjust your digital campaign bids in real-time, or modify the message of your ads at the precise moment when your commercial spots appear on television.

This is an indispensable solution for large-scale advertisers who wish to maximize the impact of their advertising campaigns on all screens and during key moments.

The advantages of TV synchronization

  • Put television viewers right at the heart of the ad on their second screen (tablet or smartphone) during commercial breaks
  • Create a buying opportunity (redirect to a merchant site)
  • Prompt television viewers to perform an action online or communicate on social networks
  • Immerse television viewers in the brand’s universe
  • Obtain qualified data on television viewers

Moment Marketing, trigger marketing

We can synchronize your online advertising campaigns in real-time with hundreds of everyday life events, such as:

  • The broadcasting of your commercial spots – and those of your rivals
  • The transmission of regularly-programmed or featured shows
  • Key moments during live sporting events (when a goal is scored, for example)
  • The development of certain themes on the social networks
  • The weather (current conditions or weather forecasts)
  • Stock market prices
  • Any other event we are able to define on the basis of customized data streams

Our guarantees

Trading Desk

We have access to the full programmatic inventory, in addition to market data. Our expertise, combined with the most advanced programmatic technologies (DMP, DSP, TMS), allows us to comprehensively manage your branding, acquisition, and customer loyalty campaigns.

Brand Safety & Fraud detection

Your brand is protected and does not appear in environments which could present a risk to its image. We use the market-leading solutions for Brand Safety and Anti-Fraud protection.


With Suisseo, there are no hidden fees. We maximize our clients’ media investment profits and provide total transparency with regard to costs and the performance of our campaigns.

Want to take full advantage of your digital campaigns?

We can help you and we will be happy to respond to all of your questions.

Your advantages

100% certified experts

You will work with a multilingual team made up solely of certified Google AdWords, Analytics and Yahoo!Bing Ads managers.

Total involvement

Your manager looks after a limited number of accounts, which allows them to guarantee reactivity, availability and the involvement necessary for the success of your campaigns.

Only the results count

No account is captive. You may consult your data in total transparency and you may withdraw freely from your campaigns at any moment. We think that it’s the only way of maintaining the continued excellence of our work.

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