Lou Bielser

Digital Marketing Manager | SEA Specialist

Lou studies communication and graphic design at the Romande School of Art and Communication in Lausanne. Her taste for marketing led her to explore the sectors of event promotion and internet referencing. Her spirit of discovery led her to join Suisseo where she completes her skill set with solid management and digital campaign skills. Like in her practice of taekwondo, Lou proves herself to be involved, she likes precision and always seeks to outdo herself.

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Les enchères au vCPM
Lou Bielser
Posted by Lou Bielser
on 09/02/2016

vCPM bidding: a beneficial rate structure for advertisers

When it introduced viewable CPM (vCPM) bidding in 2013, Google gave advertisers the ability to pay only for viewable impressions. Starting now, this pricing method will become the default option in all CPM campaigns. Existing CPM campaigns will be automatically converted.

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