Lou Bielser

Digital Marketing Manager | SEA Specialist

Lou discovered her passion for digital marketing in the course of her professional experience. Despite her graphic design background, it was actually the tangible, measurable side of digital communication which ended up prevailing over the more subjective aspects of the world of visual communication.  During her eight years at the agency, Lou was able to support more than fifty companies across a broad variety of sectors. From SMEs, to e-commerce, through well-established brands as well as innovative start-ups, Lou approaches every project as a new challenge. Fully able to listen to the needs of her clients, her skills allow her to translate these into tangible actions that fully achieve their goals.  Partner and CEO of Suisseo, Lou has proven herself able to not just develop her clients’ business, but that of the agency as well! She always pursues this dual objective with a strategic and pragmatic spirit, supported by her team with whom she is proud to share success.

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Les enchères au vCPM
Lou Bielser
Posted by Lou Bielser
on 09/02/2016

vCPM bidding: a beneficial rate structure for advertisers

When it introduced viewable CPM (vCPM) bidding in 2013, Google gave advertisers the ability to pay only for viewable impressions. Starting now, this pricing method will become the default option in all CPM campaigns. Existing CPM campaigns will be automatically converted.

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Victorinox Swiss Army: worldwide digital campaign in 30 countries and 10 languages for the launch of the I.N.O.X watch

To promote the new I.N.O.X. watch and make it the star watch of the Victorinox Swiss Army brand, Suisseo launched a global campaign targeting over 30 countries across the world.

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Alimentarium Museum Vevey Switzerland

Smart bidding, micro-conversions and automation: a winning combination for the Alimentarium

How to maximize the results of your Google Search Campaigns while ensuring your account stays compliant with the new Google Ad Grants rules.

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