The quality of our work and our client’s results are ensured by the expertise of each of our traffic managers. The individual certifications and the company badges obtained are also guarantees of confidence.

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Google Partners

Our company has the status of an official Google Partner. The Google Partner badge is a guarantee of quality and confirms that our company respects the best practices of Google. Discover our Google Partner Profile.

Google Ads Certification

This certification, delivered by Google, is a professional accreditation that certifies expertise in Google Ads products. Our certified collaborators are also recognized as online advertising professionals by Google.

Google Analytics Certification

The Google Analytics certification is is a proof of our expertise in Google Analytics. This individual title ensures the expertise of your project manager in digital analysis and the integration and use of Google Analytics data.

Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional

The status of Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional confirms that our company possesses all the necessary skills in setting up and managing campaigns on Bing (via Microsoft Advertising).

Visual Website Optimizer

Our company is an official VWO partner. Thanks to our knowledge of the VWO technology, we are able to produce various complex A/B tests.

Certified Google Partner & Yahoo!Bing Ads Company

Google Ads Partner
Bing Ads Accredited Professional
Bing Ads – Accredited Professional

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Your advantages

100% certified experts

You will work with a multilingual team made up solely of certified Google AdWords, Analytics and Yahoo!Bing Ads managers.

Total involvement

Your manager looks after a limited number of accounts, which allows them to guarantee reactivity, availability and the involvement necessary for the success of your campaigns.

Only the results count

No account is captive. You may consult your data in total transparency and you may withdraw freely from your campaigns at any moment. We think that it’s the only way of maintaining the continued excellence of our work.

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