Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With constantly evolving algorithms, search engines dictate their rules and the impact of these evolving algorithms are often quite profound on the previously established order. It is therefore essential to always know the determining factors that influence your rankings in search engines.

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Rank in search engines

SEO allows a website to improve its visibility in the unsponsored search results of search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo or Yandex. It’s a long term investment that you should consider right from the birth of your website.

The SEO that we work with at Suisseo

  • Audit and technical optimization of websites
  • Content strategy
  • Project management & coaching of your team
  • Ranking monitoring and reporting

In short, all of the best practices that go in Google’s direction, for healthy and effective long term rankings.

The SEO that we don’t practice at Suisseo

  • Trying to manipulate Google’s search result by using prohibited techniques
  • Using old SEO techniques which are, in our opinion, destined for failure in the long term

SEO versus SEA

SEA enables a website to be quickly placed on the first page of search results with sponsored ads. We strongly recommend our clients not only to count on their organic rankings, but also to consider a search engine advertising strategy.

By combining SEO and SEA, you expand your online presence and multiply the chances of converting your audience.

Tools and technologies

Search Engine Advertising

Seize the maximum number of business opportunities by making your business visible in the first results of search engines.

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SEO audit

In the context of an SEO audit, we detail the measures that allow you to position yourself in the decisive search terms for your sector.

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Case study

Alimentarium Museum Vevey Switzerland

How targeted SEO optimisations have enabled the Alimentarium to multiply its organic traffic by 4

How did the Alimentarium multiply their organic website traffic by 4 ? A major SEO project, covering all technical and semantic aspects, carried out by Suisseo

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How Synova doubled its performance in terms of organic positioning on search engines?

Discover the approach that allowed Synova to double its performance in terms of organic positioning on search engines.

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