Amnesty International: Google Ad Grants Pro account conversions double

Suisseo reviewed Google Analytics settings to monitor user behaviour and increase the value of donations received. The optimisation of AdWords campaigns improved performance.

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Amnesty International has a Google GrantsPro account with a spending limit of 40,000 USD / month for its website

The targeted keywords, which were often much too long, generated traffic that was not very relevant and thus with a low CTR and conversion rate.

As the value of donations had not significantly grown in Google Analytics, the ability to analyse online performance was still limited. The Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager settings were not clearly defined and did not facilitate data analysis.

How can conversions on be improved while respecting the criteria of the Ad Grants programme?


To make targeting more relevant, we excluded keywords and optimised bids. Amnesty’s visibility was improved by using dynamic ads on the Google search network and targeting new and relevant keywords relating to important or current topics. Finally, Google Analytics and Tag Manager settings were reviewed to monitor interactions on the site and, in particular, increase the value of donations.

Results after the 3 month of campaign

In numbers:

  • +15% conversions
  • Conversion rate up by 45%
  • +40% increase in click-through rate (CTR)

rise in the number of conversions


rise in conversion rate


rise in click-through rate (CTR)

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