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Premium Programmatic Buying

We provide full access to programmatic inventory for display, video, social, mobile, native, audio and television and set up Real-Time Bidding (RTB) and direct buying campaigns across every device, channel and media format.

From retargeting to prospecting, we define multiple strategies and target critical touchpoints all along the consumer journey to ensure the highest impact of your digital ads.

We operate these campaigns in a 100% brand-safe environment, using real-time personalized and innovative formats such as video, rich media, native, skins or expand banners.

Data Intelligence

With our purely data-driven approach and predictive machine learning algorithms, we continually assess the data we receive throughout the campaigns and create bespoke strategies to target users that have demonstrated a propensity to engage with your brand and convert.

Our guarantees

Trading Desk

We have access to the full programmatic inventory, in addition to market data. Our expertise, combined with the most advanced programmatic technologies (DMP, DSP, TMS), allows us to comprehensively manage your branding, acquisition, and customer loyalty campaigns.

Brand Safety & Fraud detection

Your brand is protected and does not appear in environments which could present a risk to its image. We use the market-leading solutions for Brand Safety and Anti-Fraud protection.


With Suisseo, there are no hidden fees. We maximize our clients’ media investment profits and provide total transparency with regard to costs and the performance of our campaigns.

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Finanz und Wirtschaft
Der Bund
The New York Times
Lonely Planet

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