Steps to apply for Google Ad Grants

Are you part of an NGO or non-profit organisation?
Take advantage of $10,000 of monthly media budget offered to improve your online referencing.
Learn about the Google Ad Grants application process In this article.

Google Ad Grants application process
Posted by Yann Burkardt
on 16/10/2020

Are you part of an NGO or non-profit organisation and are not familiar with Google’s Ad Grants programme?

Presentation :

As you can see, the programme is a real opportunity for organisations that cannot invest heavily in advertising and often survive largely on donations.

Before being able to benefit from all the advantages of the programme, a registration process must be followed. The latter may discourage some, but we will see for ourselves that it is quite simple.


Google Ad Grants application process



The first step is to make sure you dispose of a functional and quality site.

In technical terms

The site must be accessible and not present any major errors that prevent the Internet user from accessing it. It also must be able to load quickly and be secure (HTTPS).


The user experience should be smooth and unobstructed. The user who is looking for information must be able to access it easily. The mission and activities of your association must be clear.


The content of the site must be qualitative and original. The more dynamic and well equipped the website is, the easier it will be to generate traffic from future campaigns.
See the website rules.

Feasibility study

Joining the Ad Grants adventure is great, being sure to be able to manage the campaigns is even better. If you can benefit from the programme, you will not be able to simply activate the campaigns and let them run unattended as they must comply with a few rules, otherwise they will be deactivated.

Here are three questions you should ask yourself before proceeding any further:

  1. do we dispose of the necessary resources to manage campaigns internally?
  2. if so, do we have the time to deal with it?
  3. do we dispose of the necessary knowledge to manage the account?

If your answer is no to any of the questions, you can always contract an agency that will handle the campaign management to avoid inadvertently losing your grant.

Request the token from

If the project is feasible and you wish to proceed, a third-party organisation must accredit your association with Google. In other words, you must access (for Switzerland), create an account and request a validation token to confirm your non-profit status. This step is easy, fast (it takes approx. 2 to 14 days) and it is free.

Check the eligibility of your non-profit organisation

Before enrolling in the programme, ensure that your organisation is:

  • a tax-exempt foundation, association or enterprise that is non-profit or of public utility (see exceptions)
  • certified as a charity organisation (by registering on in this list of countries

See the eligibility criteria.

Sign up for Google Ad Grants

Eligible? Sign up for the Google Ad Grants programme by clicking on this registration link.
Apply for your Google Account for Associations and start the application process.

After analysing your request, Google will send you a validation email (waiting period from 1 week to 30 days).

Google Ad Grants account settings

Create your Google Ad Grants account by following the official Google procedure.
In particular, make sure to select US dollars as your currency and not Swiss francs. Also avoid entering a credit card or the account will be set up as a “regular” Google Ads account and not Ad Grants. Also, don’t create a Google Ad Express account or you’ll be limited in terms of functionality.

If you already have a Google Ads account, you will have to leave it aside and create one especially for the occasion.


Congratulations! If you have conscientiously followed the various steps presented in this article, you should henceforth be able to benefit from the $10’000 monthly advertising budget graciously offered by Google to increase the reach of your message.

Easily manage your Google Ad Grants campaigns with our customised reporting script that notifies you whenever your account fails to comply with the programme rules.

Do you require support with this procedure? Our Google Ad Grants experts are here to help.

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