How Synova doubled its performance in terms of organic positioning on search engines?

Our comprehensive approach has enabled the company to position itself in the top 3 of Google on ultra-strategic queries.



Specialised in advanced lasers in micromachining and active internationally, Synova had never undertaken SEO optimisations on its site before calling on Suisseo.


Synova’s main objective is to gain visibility on the Google search engine.


The Suisseo team is therefore mandated for a 6-month monthly SEO follow-up as well as the training of internal teams in order to make them autonomous in the optimisation of future content that the company produces.

The monthly SEO optimisations carried out focused on 3 main areas:

1. Technical SEO optimisations:

  • provision of guidelines for their webmaster for the technical optimisation of their site and monitoring of implementations

2. Semantic optimisation:

  • development of the list of keywords with the highest potential for their brand, optimisation of their page structure (with UX implications) and optimisation of the existing content

3. Offsite SEO optimisation:

  • local SEO optimisations, cleaning of the backlinks profile, concrete delivery of a list of potential new backlinks to obtain

As for training, we organised an SEO workshop in our premises during which we provided a set of best practices, methodologies and tools to guide them in monitoring SEO optimisations over the long term:

  • Which SEO indicators to follow and how to interpret the results obtained?
  • What levers are available to optimise the visibility of new content?
  • What daily, weekly and monthly actions to take to improve their SEO?
  • What content influences their natural referencing, why and how to create more?
  • How to get backlinks: what process for what results?


  • Site positioned in the top 3 rankings on Google Switzerland for 59% of the keywords detected as priority
  • Average site positions increased by more than 50% as site visibility doubled (23% > 48%)
  • Total site impressions quadrupled
3 - 59%

of priority keywords positioned in the top 3


increase in average positions


number of site impressions

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