How targeted SEO optimisations have enabled the Alimentarium to multiply its organic traffic by 4

On top of its main activity in Vevey, the Alimentarium has a web platform that includes a large amount of free and fun content. The museum would like to explore new available channels for promoting its content online.



Along with its Google Ad Grants account managed by Suisseo, the Alimentarium aims to optimise the natural referencing of its website in order to increase the share of traffic from organic sources.


The Alimentarium would like to know which optimisations will improve the indexing of website  and the natural referencing of existing and future content.


Suisseo is mandated to conduct a complete SEO audit, both technical and semantic, as well as to produce guidelines for the development of their web content.

Our technical recommendations addressed the following points:

  • URLs structure
  • website security
  • redirections
  • accessibility and page speed
  • sub-domains management 
  • canonical parameters
  • etc

Substantive work was also carried out on source code tagging, including the revision of H1-Hn and the implementation of structured data. Finally, the website indexing and performance have been examined closely, both at the mobile and desktop level.

The implementation of structured data, or microdatas, allows search engines to better interpret your content. The click rate (CTR) is immediately boosted.

For the semantic part, our analysis focused on the following points: 

  • search volume and difficulties related to organic keywords rankings 
  • current ranking of organic keywords
  • comparison with competitors
  • website and content structure
  • text and visual optimisation
  • optimisations for voice search
  • share and interaction optimisation (SMO)
  • etc

Optimization for so-called “long tail” keywords is often a profitable tactic in a highly competitive semantic environment. It is also an essential consideration in order to best adapt to voice research.

In addition to recommendations applicable on-site, we delivered a set of good practices and methodologies to use for content development, outreach and optimisation for both users and search engines, as well as concrete ideas for different content campaigns.

We also produced a mapping of implementations actions, taking into account their difficulty along with their potential SEO impact, in order to guide the Alimentarium towards an agile and effective application of our recommendations.


  • organic search traffic doubled from the 2nd month
  • over the year, it is 4 times higher
  • traffic from direct and referrals sources have also increased by more than 50% and 100% respectively

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