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Marketing managers, CEOs, account managers: do you feel that your dashboard solution is not suited to your needs but do not know of other alternatives?
Discover our comparison and update your connectors to get the most out of Google Data Studio.

Posted by Yann Burkardt
on 20/12/2022

Do you feel that your Google Data Studio dashboard is not suitable for your reporting needs?

This can be understood because the choice of data sources offered for free in Google Data Studio is limited. In other words, native connectors do not potentially cover the needs of a company that wants to monitor several channels easily with a “plug and play” type solution. To achieve this, it is recommended to invest in a paid solution to gain in efficiency and peace of mind.

In this article, we offer a comparison of paid solutions on Google Data Studio according to their data sources, their prices and their features. After reading this article, you will be able to choose the right tool according to your reporting needs.

Google Data Studio Dashboard

The main added value of this type of tool lies in multi-channel reporting in the form of static reports or dashboards in which it is possible to integrate different data sources (e.g. Google Ads,

Google Analytics 4, Facebook Ads, etc.). In other words, it is possible to have statistics for all digital platforms within the same page rather than having to compare 5 reports in 5 different documents.

Dashboards simplify the analysis of site performance and digital campaigns by centralising data in a single interface. This saves time and facilitates decision making.

The implementation of such a dashboard requires going through paid connectors. Choosing the right solution can quickly become a real headache. In this article, we provide you with the results of our various tests and our conclusions.

List of tested tools

  • Supermetrics
  • powermyanalytics (PMA)
  • Reporting Ninja
  • Catchr

The initial need

To establish our comparison, we started with a need for common connectors such as Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads. Our objective was to find the most suitable solution for a limited need for connectors but also offering a certain amount of flexibility (increasing the number of connectors and diversity of data sources).

Comparison of paid connectors for Google Data Studio


Several points were compared in this analysis and the table below provides a summary view of the main selection criteria with a ranking from 1 (most favourable) to 4 (least favourable). The last line is a total score. The lighter the green [instead of dark], the better the score.


To simplify the report, the price communicated is based on the equivalent of the standard offer recommended on the site.


Market leader in terms of number of users even if it is not the oldest in the comparison, Supermetrics is an easy-to-access and user-friendly tool suitable for both beginners and experts. Its price can be prohibitive if you do not derive real added value from it. As a result, it is not suitable for all budgets.

Main advantages
  • Its large number of sources
  • Important knowledge base available (because having more than 500,000 users makes it possible to quickly find questions and answers)
Main disadvantages
  • Its price: the most expensive in this comparison

€199 per month

Price per single source: €39 per month

Recommended audience
  • Need a lot of connectors and features
  • Price is not an important criterion

According to their site, almost 15% of advertising investments reported in dashboards pass through Supermetrics.

Power My Analytics (PMA)

Direct competitor of Supermetrics, it stands out by offering more possibilities (at the same price) and a lower price for the equivalent of a standard plan. The ergonomics of its client interface and its ease of use make it a recommended solution. The recent update of its visual identity and redesign of the site further improve this last point.

Main advantages
  • Ergonomics, client interface
  • Wide offer in terms of prices
Main disadvantages
  • Servers based in the US

$74.95 per month

Price per single source: $9.95 per month

Recommended audience
  • Since the solution is very versatile, easy to access and rich in features, it is suitable for a wide audience

According to their site, almost 100 new users are registered daily.

Reporting Ninja

More discreet than its competitors (it’s a ninja after all), Reporting Ninja is nonetheless very effective. What we like is that it goes straight to the point in terms of connectors. However, the tool does not have didactic resources for beginners, which could put off novices.

Main advantages
  • Personalised portal available to your clients
  • Ability to create custom static reports
  • The price: the first plan is the cheapest in the comparison
Main disadvantages
  • Few support items available
  • Some information related to data protection missing or difficult to find on the site

$40-70 per month

$20 per month for the starting offer

Recommended audience
  • Those who have the title “ninja” in their LinkedIn job title
  • Experienced users who do not feel they need resources available

This is the oldest solution in the ranking.


The only French company in the comparison is rather surprising. Even though it is one of the latest arrivals on the reporting market, Catchr is evolving quickly and differs from the major companies by notably offering an alert service that notifies the user when an element is inactive (e.g. Facebook pixel). Its reduced number of connectors (nevertheless constantly increasing) is compensated by the responsiveness and motivation of the support team.

Main advantages
  • Alert feature (possibility to be notified via Teams, Whatsapp or Slack)
  • Ability to collaborate on the dashboard between several team members and/or with your clients
  • Support efficiency
Main disadvantages
  • No knowledge base found on the site
  • Site only in English

$55 per month

Price per single source: $12 per month

Recommended audience
  • Internet user sensitive to the location of servers
  • Willingness to favour a French-speaking and local company
  • User who needs dynamic support

Do not hesitate to share your anecdote on Catchr with us.


We hope this content will help you choose your paid connector.

Don’t forget that our dashboard experts are here to help.

Note: As the analysis is from 2022, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information at the time you read this article.

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