inlingua Léman: improving visibility and interest in Googe Ads

With an approach combining business goals and the specific needs of the Google Ads interface, Suisseo was able to improve ad visibility and generate increased interest

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inlingua Léman offers language training services in 19 languages. Based in French-speaking Switzerland with two schools in Geneva and Lausanne, inlingua Léman also offers B2B language training and study abroad stays.

The contex

Google Ads is one of the channels used by inlingua Léman to generate leads. They have been managing Google Ads campaigns internally for a few years, but the increased market competition has made this channel less and less effective over the past few months.


Faced with increased competition from B2C and B2B customers, inlingua Léman wished to improve its visibility on Google and increase the traffic on its website, generating more conversions to support its growth.

The strategy

To increase the number of conversions on inlingua Léman’s website, we opted to restructure their Google Ads account, creating a new campaign arrangement and more efficient ad groups. The primary objective was to gain visibility and relevance to attract more internet users to their website. To this end, we:

  • Identified services and classed them according to priority and those likely to generate the best results
  • Defined and segmented keywords by type of service
  • Wrote highly relevant personalised ads to best fit user needs
  • Created ad extensions aimed at boosting ad relevance and increasing ad visibility on Google

The Results

After 4 months of campaign management and optimisation and despite growing competition, we increased the number of impressions on Google by +46% and interactions by +142%.





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