How investing in a long-term collaboration with a Google Ads specialised agency leads to an increase in growth and becoming the leader in search results

By adapting the account to the advertising context, implementing offline conversions and thanks to a global view of the vertical markets, Suisseo has enabled the Google Ads account to generate consistent growth over several years while at the same time improving its profitability.

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The medical training school offers training mainly targeted at health professionals and individuals in career transition. Its objective is to generate enrolments for its courses.


The medical training school has delegated the management of its Google Ads campaigns to Suisseo. The first target market was French-speaking Switzerland followed by German-speaking Switzerland. The main challenge is that the domain is competitive on Search and that the client faces a majority of historical competitors who are already well established and recognised.


The client wishes to become the leader in its field by generating the maximum number of enrolments for its courses while respecting a return on investment objective.


When taking over the Google Ads account in 2020, the target cost/acquisition (CPA) for each course was defined with the client. Once the information was collected, Suisseo was able to define more appropriate bids, and the advertising investment quickly became more efficient.

On Suisseo’s recommendation, the next step was to set up offline conversion tracking. This action makes it possible to trace the number of paid registrations as well as the turnover they generate and no longer simple pre-registrations (when a user sends a form from the site). In other words, it is now possible to know the return on investment of Google Ads with surgical precision.
e.g.: Previously, tracking followed the sending of forms for pre-registration. Now, tracking also makes it possible to trace in Google Ads the payment of the course and the turnover generated.

Once the account was equipped with advanced tracking, the adaptation of the campaigns according to the new functioning of Google’s machine learning was carried out in two phases:

  1. Broad match keywords (different from modified broad match) have been added to campaigns to drive more volume in search results and create new opportunities. In addition, this new correspondence makes it possible to better capture intentions that are sometimes difficult to target only with keywords related to client business.
  2. A simplification of the account structure has been made in order to capture the maximum amount of data – e.g. the new structure returns traffic on 1 campaign instead of 3 which could be grouped together. In this way, the account generates better performance because the data is collected much faster than before.

Shortly after, the client acquired a new website, designed and created with the aim of improving the conversion rate.

In summary, thanks to a clearly defined strategy, a simplification of the account, a clear vision of the return on investment of campaigns and the use of machine learning, Suisseo has enabled its client to become a leader in Google search results.

Please find below a diagram of the process, by year:

account simplification diagram


In figures, after 3 years of collaboration:

  • number of conversions multiplied by 6.7
  • cost per lead divided by 4.5
  • return on investment increased by over 700%.

number of conversions multiplied by 6.7


cost per lead divided by 4.5


return on investment of more than 700%

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