Generate 4x more leads via Meta campaigns while dividing the costs by 20

Audience, channel and message targeting are the key success factors of this lead generation campaign.



In-Out Moments is a major player in French-speaking Switzerland in outdoor landscaping (bioclimatic pergola, custom furniture and layout).
The first quarter is a crucial period in this sector of activity, with peaks in internet searches related to the installation of pergolas. Therefore, competition is particularly intense during this period.


The company wants to increase the number of online leads in order to fill its order book for the year ahead.


We first focused on setting up and optimising Google Ads campaigns to generate leads. Although this channel is particularly suitable for this type of objective, the intensity of competition and the high price of cost per click have not made it possible to generate leads at a satisfactory cost.

We therefore opted for a bolder approach using the Meta platform (Facebook/Instagram).

We have targeted lookalike audiences, which are internet users with similar profile and characteristics to that of visitors to our client’s website. This targeting allowed us to reach people in the active phase of research into landscaping but who do not know our client. A very good way to expand the audience while remaining relevant in terms of targeting!

The lead ads format is the most appropriate because it allows collecting information on targeted internet users, in exchange for unique content (here, the possibility of downloading a brochure presenting the products and their characteristics). The form integrated into the announcement published on Meta has been completely personalised.

From the very first day, the number of leads increased tremendously! Monitoring of campaigns and performance has allowed us to maintain very good results over the long term.

The Results

3 figures :


the number of incoming leads


the cost per lead



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