Developing the patient base by optimising Google Ads features, automating campaign management and personalising messages

By optimising Google Ads features, automating campaign management and creating ads tailored to each scenario, Suisseo quickly generated new contacts for dental hygiene clinic Clinique d’Hygiène Dentaire (CHD).

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CHD is a dental clinic located in Geneva and Lausanne specialising in prevention.

With the goal of developing its online presence and not giving way to its competitors, CHD called on Suisseo to deploy its Google Ads campaigns.


To maximise the number of contacts generated, the goal was to quickly launch smart campaigns (smart bidding) and automate a part of campaign management such as to increase the number of conversions at an equivalent budget.


To accurately track actions taken on the website, Suisseo set up a Web Analytics configuration that enabled calls and form submissions to be monitored.

Implementation of the strategy:

#1. Preparation for smart bidding 

  • Adding micro conversions
  • Attributing monetary values to the goals to give weight to each conversion action 

#2. Automation 

  • Launching smart bidding campaigns to automate bidding management, lower cost per contact and increase conversion rate
  • Creating a sophisticated system of rules to manage the non-smart campaign budget

#3. More personal contact with users

  • Personalising messages depending on the day, time of day and device used


In one year, CHD received three times as many form submissions and telephone calls for a similar budget. As targeting became increasingly accurate over the months, the cost per contact was divided by more than 2. Progress has been constant since the start of the collaboration.

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