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In our case study, find out how business improved its visibility and generated more sales through its online shop.

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Goals is an online shop selling the biggest toy and gift brands in the Swiss market for babies and children aged 0 to 4 years. To improve its visibility and generate sales, this pure player decided to roll out digital campaigns, particularly Google Shopping campaigns, with Suisseo.

Our Approach

Alongside setting up Google Search campaigns, Suisseo generated a product feed for, which was used to roll out Google Shopping campaigns. After a few weeks of sharing the campaign, and wanting to increase its visibility on this very promising channel, decided to optimise its titles and descriptions for a sample of its products: around 50 out of the 1,500 products available on its online shop.

Setting up Analytics:

1. 50 products selected

  • Best-sellers
  • New products with high sales potential
  • Out-of-stock products excluded

2. List of keywords created, to be placed in product titles and descriptions

  • Most relevant keywords searched
  • Keywords identified that generated a big enough search volume

3. Product titles and descriptions written and optimised

  • Strategic keywords included, such as “baby gift idea”, “newborn baby gift”, “child’s toy”
  • Brand name highlighted
  • Information added relating to product features, such as size, material, age range, and shape

The Results

The analysis compared the five weeks following the optimisation of product titles and descriptions to the previous five weeks.

Across all 50 optimised products, impressions increased by 90%.

The highest increase in impressions was 2,500%.

By testing these 50 products, the same strategy could be applied to all products on the online store.

After the five-week test phase, we tested how effective our strategy was by comparing the results with those recorded previously. We could see that the number of impressions on optimised products had increased by an average of 90%. This figure even reached 2,500% for one product.

Suisseo was quickly able to demonstrate that our proposed optimisation strategy was boosting the visibility of Bebe-cadeaux in Google Shopping results. The same strategy could therefore be applied to all the products available on Bebe-cadeaux’s online shop.


increase of impressions


the largest change in the number of impressions

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