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Since September 2017, Google has been forced by European legislation to open Google Shopping to competition following a conviction for abuse of a dominant position. It is therefore now possible to appear on Google Shopping using another price comparison service. Explanations.

Posted by Laure Salber
on 25/10/2018

Google: a price comparison service like any other

Since the European Union imposed an obligation on the web giant to allow free competition for Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) on its search engine, all CSS have the possibility to appear in Google Shopping. In concrete terms, Google becomes a CSS like any other. They are all subject to an auction system to display advertisers’ products on Google Shopping.

Thus, each advertiser can offer their products via a different CSS to be able to sell on Google Shopping, while having the same chance of appearing in search results as if they were using Google services directly.

In addition, from a practical point of view, Shopping campaigns remain managed directly via Google Ads. The ads appear in exactly the same way as before, only the indication “By Google” will be replaced by the name of the CSS used.

CSS Google Shopping

The advantages of using a CSS to appear on Google Shopping

For merchants who want to show their products on Google Shopping, this change has several advantages. The most important one is that they can save on average 20% on the CPCs previously paid for in Shopping auctions! This 20% corresponds to the commission previously charged by Google to benefit from its services. In addition, advertisers will be able to benefit from retro commissions of up to 30%, credited monthly directly to their Google Ads account. However, these credits are only valid for a limited period of time, just long enough for Google to reduce its market share.

Why such advantages? In order to avoid being sanctioned again, Google allowed these discounts so as to encourage advertisers to use other CSS and thus no longer have a monopoly.

Overall, the costs of Google Shopping campaigns are now much lower by using a CSS other than Google. Automatically, the ROI of these campaigns is therefore much higher. Great news for advertisers!

However, it is highly unlikely that the same product from the same merchant will appear several times in Google Shopping, even if the merchant uses several different CSS. The one with the highest bid will always be selected.

Certified Comparison Shopping Service

In order to guarantee advertisers quality services (and to limit access to its privileged search results), the Mountain View firm requires CSSs to obtain a Google CSS partner certification.

How to use a CSS?

As a SEO and SEA specialist since 2009, Suisseo works closely with an independent price comparison service that is certified Google CSS Partner Premier and benefits from extensive expertise in the field. Thanks to this partnership, you can now sell on Google Shopping at lower prices, in order to maximise the ROI of your Shopping campaigns. Do you want to develop your business online? Contact us!


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