LinkedIn Workshop: How to boost your visibility on LinkedIn?

Our training provides you with all the advice to boost your visibility on LinkedIn. Organise a training session in your premises!

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In only a few hours of training, learn best practice to boost the visibility of both your own and your company’s LinkedIn profiles.

LinkedIn is undoubtedly “the place to be” to tap into an audience. The number of active users has surpassed 2 million in Switzerland, a asset in developing your network and finding potential candidates and clients!

“How to boost your visibility with LinkedIn?”

Who is the LinkedIn training for?

Anyone in charge of communication within a company who wants to use LinkedIn to boost the visibility of their company, communication and add to the community using this network. 

What are the goals of the LinkedIn workshop?  

  • Optimise your LinkedIn profile to be easily found  
  • Create and optimise your company page to increase visibility 
  • Find relevant content ideas and engage subscribers
  • Create interaction and traffic on the site 

Our methods:

    • Live demonstrations
    • Concrete and personalised examples
    • Practical workshops
    • Workshop in French


    • Have a LinkedIn profile
    • Bring a laptop 

This training is provided within your premises in order to respond more accurately to each of your requirements.

For more information on the programme or to sign up to upcoming LinkedIn training sessions, please fill in the form or contact [email protected].

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